WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

1010 Battery Pen Cake
1010 Battery Pen Cake
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1010 Battery Pen Cake

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1010 Battery Pen

Have you been switching to vaping from cigarettes? Don’t look further! The cake vape pen is one of the best options for you. Zmarkthespot has made the 1010 battery pen in different flavors because the desire to smoke is growing, especially among young people. Each Cake Delta 8 1010 Kit comes with a 1.5g disposable cartridge that has already been filled. It has rounded edges that make it easy to hold in one hand while vaping. At our Smoke Shop Diamond, we have delicious Cake 1010 vape flavors and strains for every taste. Check out the different kinds of cartridges you can buy from us!

Strains of 1010 battery pen

  • Peanut Butter Breath: Gives you a nutty and earth taste
  • Strawberry Sour Diesel: Combination of sour and sweet strawberry delight
  • OG Kush: spicy herb taste to fulfill your craving
  • Streezcake: Sweet vanilla flavor and has a slight nuttiness
  • Rainbow Sherbet: This strain is known for its sweet, fruity flavor and minty aftertaste.
  • Thin Mint GSC: Minty and sweet taste similar to cookies
  • Grandaddy Purple: Emits sweet berry 
  • Gelato 41: Mixture of purple leaves and olive-green
  • Banana Runtz: sweet, fruity, candy-like fragrance
  • Pink Guava: Sweet flowery burst ripe guava
  • Cereal Milk: Surgery sweet taste contain flavourful berries and citrus
  • Blueberry Cookie: Blend of sugary sweet berries and blueberry pie

Now that you're interested in the mouth-watering flavors of 1010 battery pen strains, you can buy them at our Smoke Shop Diamond. Explore the range of other high-demand versions of the cake 1010 carts with flavors that work with reusable vaporizers.

Specifications of Cake Battery Pen

  • 1.5gram of potent Delta 8 distillate
  • Rechargeable Battery

Why should you buy a 1010 battery pen from us? The compounds in the high-end 1010 vape pen sold at Zmarksthespot are very pure. You can Google us to explore this disposable hand-held vape pen in different flavors for a better experience. If you want to vape without tobacco, you can try our cake vape pen, which has great flavors and Delta 8 potency.