WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Oil Burner Pipe 14.5 Female Attachement

Oil Burner Pipe 14.5 Female Attachement

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Oil Burner Pipe 14.5 Female Attachment

For your dab rigs and bongs, we are bringing a great upgrade of the Oil Burner Pipe 14.5 Female Attachment. This glass pipe attachment is compatible with every device that has a male receptor. One end of the glass pipe is modified for holding wax, shatter, hash or other concentrates. When you heat the attachment’s bowl from its bottom, smoke containing an intense concentration of cannabinoids is released and further filtered through water before reaching your throat. 

Why do you need a new Oil Burner Pipe 14.5 Female Attachment?

There can be several reasons to buy a new glass burner pipe attachment. We have elaborated on some of them below:- 

  1. If your female oil burner pipe attachment has been misplaced or broken. It is a high heat-resistant tube, but the glass material is brittle and prone to damage. 
  2. Some bongs and dab rigs come with poorly designed female attachments resulting in an inferior smoking experience. If you are also facing the same situation, its time to place an order from our Smoke Shop Diamond

How Can A Glass Burner Pipe Enhance Your Smoking Experience? 

  • For smokers, this one is significant and really transforms the game. You will benefit from water filtration in a few ways. It will, first of all, cool down your smoking. The greatest option will be provided by a glass pipe if you are concerned about the heat damaging your throat. In addition to heating the glass pipe, the smoke was also filtered to remove ash and several hazardous substances.
  • The ideal option is a glass pipe if you're looking for something that will give you a significant amount of smoke clouds in just one hit. A pipe could appear intimidating to a novice smoker, but the great news is that you are not required to load the pipe all the way up with smoke. If using a pipe makes you more comfortable, you are welcome to do so for lesser hits. This pipe will give you what you want when you're craving for big hits.
  • The materials used to make pipes are extremely diverse. Water pipes made of acrylic are widely available, and some are made of wood. However, glass—more specifically, borosilicate glass is the best material to use when making pipes. Alcohol is frequently used to simply clean glass pipes. You don't have to worry about any dangerous residues because the glass is non-porous, unlike when you smoke from pipes made of other materials. 

If you still have compatibility doubts, it is advisable to Google our customer support contact details and make a call. We will assist you with every crucial detail.