WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Oil Burner pipe Attachment 14.5mm Male

Oil Burner pipe Attachment 14.5mm Male

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Oil Burner pipe Attachment 14.5mm Male

Oil burner pipes revolutionized the weed concentrates industry with a sophisticated consumption experience. We understand how valuable your concentrated weed stuff is. Each particle must be optimally utilized to release the maximum possible cannabinoids and terpenes, so the user gets a smooth and intense hit. These pipes are not single-piece units but need to be combined before use. Here we are showcasing the Oil Burner pipe Attachment 14.5mm Male, specifically a spare part. Let's get a closer look at this attachment.

All About Oil Burner pipe 14.5 mm Male Attachment 

It is a high-temperature-resistant glass tube with a small bowl at the end where you can add a concentrate of your choice and enjoy an intense high. It is basically a curved joint male adaptor compatible with hookah, dab rigs and bongs. You can buy it from Smoke Shop Diamond for devices that support 14.5 mm attachments. Pyrex glass material makes it temperature-resistant and ideal for smoking. Now we will get to know the reasons why glass oil burner pipes should be in your weed closet collection. 

Why choose glass Oil Burner pipe Attachment


Although this kind of smoking equipment will cost more than a joint but you can quickly recover this cost via the money you save because, with proper maintenance, it will last for a long time. With a glass oil burner pipe, you have just to clean it occasionally rather than constantly replenishing your supply of rolling papers.

Filtered smoke

The method by which the burning process occurs is the most evident and important advantage of using glass bongs to smoke. This device uses water filtration to remove numerous hazardous materials and ash that otherwise eventually wind up in your mouth while also cooling down the released smoke to prevent irritation of your throat.

Intense hit

Comparing glass bongs to other ways, you get a much bigger hit of the substance you're smoking, which is another significant advantage. This is due to you are puffing on the mixture altogether rather than gradually.

Easy maintenance

Despite being available in a wide range of materials, they are the best since they are the simplest to clean. Cleaning this equipment with just warm water and detergent is really simple, just like wiping your dishes.

Rinsing them with a little acetone and then warm water is one quick and simple way to wash them and make them appear new.

Aesthetically appealing

Glass bongs are wonderful because they can be used as canvases for amazing pieces of art. Since there isn't a machine that can create them totally from scratch, they are likewise all entirely handmade. With this kind of smoking gadget, there are countless potential designs and aesthetics being explored. 

If you still have doubts about compatibility, it is advisable to get expert help. Our customer support representatives are just a call away. Find our contact details on Google to get instant query resolution.