WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Oil Burner Pipe Rig Smiley Face

Oil Burner Pipe Rig Smiley Face

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Oil Burner Pipe Rig Smiley Face 

Get your hands on this colorful, stylish, practical and portable oil burner pipe rig smiley face before anyone else in your gang. We also strive to serve you with trendy stuff while maintaining premium quality standards. Basically, it is a well-built glass dab rig embellished with a plastic smiley face design. This design is not only meant to add a style factor but also enhances the protection from potential damages. The glass used in its manufacturing is highly heat resistant but its fragile nature cannot be avoided. For minor bumps and spills, the device remains safe to an extent. Let’s get to know some more about this cute little powerful device. 

Knowing Your Oil Burner Pipe Rig Smiley Face 

This glass dab rig isn't made to ignite any random stuff, unlike a pipe, bong, or other smoking devices. Instead, it features a nail that is heated with a torch before having concentrated weed extracts "dabbed" onto it. When heated, they release thick vapors that you breathe in. The same amount of medication can be obtained using a dab rig as it would be by taking numerous draws from a conventional pipe or bong. One of the numerous factors contributing to dabbing's recent surge in popularity is its effectiveness, which also explains why the number of dab rigs available on the market has increased dramatically. This glass dab rig is made up of the following parts:- 

  • Mouthpiece 
  • Nail 
  • Dome 
  • Downstem 
  • Chamber 
  • Percolator 

In order to use this device optimally, you may also need some additional accessories like a dab mat, dab tool, carb cap and gas torch. Google our accessories section to find out some amazing stuff. 

Maintaining your Oil Burner Pipe Rig Smiley Face 

Cleanness is a mandatory part of an oil burner rig if you expect a flawless experience. Rubbing alcohol, paper towels and pipe cleaners are all you require to clean your dabbing gear. Add a pinch of salt to the rubbing alcohol if you require deeper cleaning. Put the rubbing alcohol solution into the apparatus and give it some time to soak. The hue of the alcohol will become darker. If more is required, pour it out again. After that, clean your rig with a pipe cleaner and a little extra rubbing alcohol. Let the rig finish drying after that. Utilizing paper towels will help move the process along.

From specifications to maintenance, we have explained everything about this Oil Burner Pipe Rig Smiley Face. Now place your order from our Smoke Shop Diamond along with some concentrated stuff to try out such as wax, oil or hash.