WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Oil Burner Pipe Small Clear Glass Bottle Oil Burner Rig

Oil Burner Pipe Small Clear Glass Bottle Oil Burner Rig

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Oil Burner Pipe Small Clear Glass Bottle Oil Burner Rig 

Oil burner rigs, ala dab rigs, are the most feasible alternatives to portable bongs; that is why you can find plenty of weird options online to buy. When it comes to inhaling potent content like oil or wax, it is advisable to go with glass material rigs only. Polycarbonate material, when interacting with it, produces toxic chemicals as well as ruin the original terpene flavours. Glassware oil burner rigs, on the other hand, deliver a pure inhaling experience without any flavor disturbance. Our Smoke Shop Diamond is showcasing Oil Burner Pipe Small Clear Glass Bottle Oil Burner Rig to serve the purpose with high efficiency. Let’s go through the anatomy of this glass dabbing rig. 

Components of Glass Dab Oil Burner Rig  

Our oil burner dab rig is not a single constructed unit but combined with multiple parts. It is meant to simplify the cleaning process and save you money! Yes, this dab rig has detachable parts that can be bought separately if you don’t want to pay for the entire device in case it breaks down partially. Get familiar with the components below:- 


Every dab rig has a mouthpiece holder that you use to inhale, just like a bong. Your lips should form a seal, leaving enough room for you to draw slowly, enabling the water in its main chamber to bubble and enabling the vapor to enter your lungs.

Banger / Nail

Among the most crucial components of a oil burner rig to understand is the banger or nail. Although they can be built of many different materials, they are typically composed of quartz, glass or ceramic.


Domes are an excellent safety item to prevent someone from mishaps like burning because dab rigs need incredibly high temperatures. After the nail has been preheated, the dome is placed over it to stop the vapor from being wasted.


The downstem of a glass oil burner rig is identical to that of a bong if you are familiar with them. This component essentially joins the components of a dab rig together. The nail is placed into one end, which is inserted into the base of the piece. The downstem is responsible for water to bubble as you inhale via the mouthpiece.

A base or chamber

The main and biggest component of this rig is the base or chamber. This is the area into which you will be adding water and through which the concentrate vapor will flow before reaching your lungs. These bases are substantially smaller than the bases of ordinary bongs.

After going through the complete anatomy of this glass dab rig, you are now good to go with placing an order. Go nowhere else on Google for premium quality dab rigs, bongs, rolling papers and other weed consumption accessories.