WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Pink Black Splatter Wulf Uni

Wulf Uni

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Wulf Uni 

Zmarksthespot has introduced Wulf Uni to upgrade your vaping experience with more convenience and practicality. This one is a reusable vaping device designed for stoners who find disposables a waste of money. Disposable devices are of no use once their tank is empty. Also, there are very limited options for maintenance with disposables; thus, the Smoke Shop Diamond is here with a feasible solution.

Wulf Uni is your reliable and versatile vaping companion because it provides options to choose a cart according to your choice. There is no need to buy Sativa and Indica disposable vapes individually if you have a universal solution to enjoy both. Just change your cartridges according to the vibes you are expecting and get high instantly. Before buying, you must be curious about knowing the specifications and efficiency of this device. We will explain both here for you. 

A closer insight into Wulf Uni  

The model showcased here is available in a funky pink-black splatter texture. With its striking splatter print design, the Wulf Mods creators have produced a modified version of the well-known vaporizer that is remarkable right away. A large 650 mAh battery powers, allowing for longer smoking sessions between charges. Using the slider control on the device, you can modify the mod height to suit the cartridge you currently have. With the top crank, you can utilize this vape's ingenious variable diameter aperture once you've set a compatible height.

Unique portable mods can improve your experience with oil cartridges by continuously producing smooth and energizing draws. The Wulf Mods UNI has three voltage settings, which are displayed by the three lights on the device. It also has a 10-second preheating mode for use while vaping heavy oil. 

Key Features of Wulf Uni Vape  

  1. It has been designed to adjust the height to make it compatible with different types of carts. 
  2. The pre-heat function enables the user to produce an intense hitting cloud before releasing it through a mouthpiece. 
  3. Its magnetic connector keeps the charging port properly functioning without loose collection. 
  4. A level window is provided to keep you aware of the remaining stuff in the cartridge. 

In order to load a new cart, you just need to remove the mouthpiece, remove the older one and adjust the new one by adjusting the cartridge holder. 

If you are confused about the functionality of this reusable vaping device, find Google tutorials. From vapes to flower buds, we have all types of weed stuff. Just tell us yor preference and get it delivered.